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Universal Pre-K (UPK)
4 to 5 years  |  NYS Accredited Program



The KinderKiddz Early Childhood Learning Center Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) program is a great place for kids to learn and grow! Students are taught new concepts and skills by our teachers, and our curriculum is designed to enhance your child’s skills and give them many opportunities to engage in learning in an exciting way through exploration and hands-on learning. One of our main focuses in Pre-Kindergarten is preparing your child for kindergarten. From letter and number recognition, to mastering control of cutting, gluing and holding writing utensils, we make sure every step is taken to prepare your child for their next step in their education. This is a New York State accredited UPK Program — apply through Grand Island School District



Our colorful classroom includes various centers where kids can learn and grow. Smart Board technology is used within the classroom to enhance your child’s academics– this technology allows students to get the virtual experience of “going” to another state, visiting a virtual farm, or looking into outer space! Students are able to discover their greatness through the various activities, both hands-on and technology-oriented, to help them grow into independent students!


Language Arts


In order to prepare for kindergarten, our UPK students are all in when it comes to the alphabet! Student’s practice writing letters and then advance to words as they progress throughout the year. At four years old, you will begin to see a large improvement in vocabulary and problem-solving skills. Your child will begin to use connecting words and adjectives frequently to express themselves. Your child will begin forming words from letters and then forming words into sentences. The children have a better understanding for daily routines such as mealtimes and classroom scheduled activities. Your child will soon begin to identify all uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet as well as the sounds of each letter. Our teachers begin to introduce sight words and encouraging them to properly write from left to right. Teachers share stories, enhancing the children’s literacy, speaking and listening skills. Students learn to make connections and feel the emotions that characters feel in the stories.


Social Studies


How can you be a good friend? How do we love and care for others? Teachers focus on these important questions and instill positive messages and practices into students’ lives each day through discussion, role play and stories. Our UPK students learn about the world around them and how they can become positive members of their community!


Mathematical Concepts


In our UPK program, the children are continuously learning a variety of math skills. Students master the number sequence and recognize patterns and shapes. Teachers use many different methods to assist students, including hands on activities involving colors, manipulatives and sorting, and introduce comparing, positioning and the size of items. Our enriched curriculum is used to enhance mathematical concepts in fun ways.




Students in our UPK classrooms are given the opportunity to explore science in many ways. The smart board is used to allow students the luxury of exploring different animals, landscapes, planets and environments from all around the world, from the comfort of their classroom! Students learn about how the world around us functions and works to give us our basic needs to live and grow.


Social & Emotional Skills


Our UPK students begin to gain a better sense and understanding of themselves as well as the feelings of others. Teachers guide each student with the proper tools to solve conflicts. Each classroom begins integrating classroom guidelines and routines for a better knowledge of right and wrong. You will begin to observe your child playing well with others, taking turns and building meaningful friendships.


Fine/Gross Motor Skills


Developing a strong foundation of motor skills better prepares our students for kindergarten. Teachers and Parents notice an improvement in their handwriting and coloring skills and their movements becomes more dexterous and controlled. Our UPK students are given ample opportunities to practice and strengthen
their gross motor skills on our age-appropriate outdoor playground and unique indoor play area Kinder Town.


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