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6 weeks to 12 months



At KinderKiddz Early Childhood Learning Center, our infants are treated as ROYALTY! Each child’s needs are met on demand by one of our loving caregivers who provide each Infant with specialized attention. Our Infant room caters to each child’s schedule and works with each family individually. We have an open-door policy and welcome all parents to visit their Infants at any time. This will allow parents to see first-hand the special care and attention their child receives daily. Our “Bright Baby” program is created to focus on each child’s abilities and needs, allowing our caregivers to plan activities accordingly.


Health & Safety

Each classroom is kept neat and tidy, keeping up with state regulations and the center’s standards. All toys are sanitized throughout the day to provide your child with a neat and clean learning environment. Toys, surfaces, cribs, and changing tables are cleaned after every use with a two-step cleaning process; first with a natural cleaner then sanitized with a bleach solution. At the end of every business day the entire room is sanitized using an ULV fogger machine for disinfecting all surfaces. Our center is outfitted with an Ultraviolet lighting air system designed to filter all out all germs from the air circulated throughout the center. Our classrooms are also equipped with a kitchenette area that includes a sink, microwave and refrigerator. All our classrooms are self- contained, with a separate eating location and a private changing area to ensure that your child will be supervised at all times. Each child has a personalized crib where they can be comfortable while resting or napping.

Our state-of-the-art security system will always keep your child safe. All the main doors are controlled by up-to-date electronic equipment restricting access by unique combination codes issued only to parents and authorized personnel.



Our Infant program is designed to have your child feel safe and stimulated. Since infants are very curious and inquisitive, our caregivers prepare lessons and activities like singing songs and playing while exploring the world around them. Each child has their own personalized crib where they can feel comfortable taking a nap! We also have an open play area to encourage gross motor development, sensory areas, and lots of developmentally appropriate toys curated by our staff.


Parent Communication


Communication between parents and caregivers is of upmost importance at this age. Through our application Bright Wheels, parents will be able to communicate with their child’s caregivers and administration with the click of a button. Every morning before drop-off, each parent will fill out a section of their child’s daily report letting our caregivers know any special instructions for the day and their child’s last feeding and diaper change. The remainder of the report will be filled out by caregivers.


Communication Development


Before an infant can speak using words, they communicate with their caregivers through cries, facial expressions and body language. Our caregivers engage the infants with various verbal activities such as singing songs and rhymes as well as reading books to them and practicing simple repetitive words and phrases to try and build up their communication skills. Our teachers are also trained in basic baby sin language to further communication skills.


Fine/Gross Motor Skills


It is imperative to an infant’s growth to establish fine motor skills from birth. Our teachers use various techniques to develop the movement of the small muscles in their tiny hands. We encourage our infants to grasp small age-appropriate sensory toys and eventually hold their own bottles and pick up finger foods. As your infant develops, it is also important that they acquire gross motor skills to control their movements. Infants develop the growth of their large muscles by observing with their hands and becoming mobile. Our teachers encourage “tummy time”, music and movement and practicing sitting up.


Cognitive Development


Infants begin to develop cognitive skills from birth. They soak in knowledge from their surroundings, experiences and interactions with others. Infants begin to recognize simple things such as the sound of their mother’s voice, or the beginning of their favorite nursery rhyme. They begin to babble to the sounds of songs, explore different types of textures and explore with their hands and mouths. Our caregivers will read to the infants, play simple games such as Peek a Boo and blowing bubbles to stimulate their minds as they grow.


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