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You've got questions. We've got answers.

  • Do you provide diapers?
    We ask that all parents and caregivers provide diapers, wipes and any creams or ointments necessary. Our classrooms provide enough storage to stock up on supplies, however our teachers will inform you when it is time to bring in more. All personal belonging will be labeled by teachers with the child’s name/initials.
  • Do you provide formula?
    Yes, we provide infant formula fortified with iron. You are welcome to bring in your own as well if you are using a specific brand or type. This again will be labeled with your child name/initials. Our caregivers will prepare bottles daily according to your child’s needs; however, we ask that all bottles be brought home and washed daily.
  • What else should I provide?
    A sleep sack if used at home 2 bottles labeled with the child’s full name – these must be taken home each night to be washed Breast milk or any specialized formula At least 2 extra changes of clothes to be kept in their cubby Bibs and pacifiers, labeled with your child’s name/initials
  • What will my infant's daily schedule look like?
    Our Infant program is designed around each child individually. We ask that all parents on their first day of school fill out basic information pertaining to their routines at home, so that our caregivers can attend to their needs and provide individualized care. Aside from their daily routine, infants will participate in tummy time, gross and fine motor activities, story and music time, art projects, buggy rides on the playground and many more age-appropriate activities.
  • Are the activities developmentally appropriate?
    Yes. All the activities that infants participate in throughout the day are designed around the major developmental domains; Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Language and Physical.
  • What if my child becomes ill?
    If your infant begins to show signs or symptoms of becoming ill in accordance with our sick policy, we will contact you or a designated emergency contact from your list.
  • What are your teacher qualifications?
    All KinderKiddz Staff are required to meet and/or exceed New York state standards for childcare providers. We provide our staff with ongoing trainings and up to date CPR training and certification. All staff members have been background checked and fingerprinted though local agencies prior to employment.
  • Will I receive a daily report at the end of the day?
    Yes. We invite all parents to download our app BrightWheel, which will provide you with daily reports, pictures/videos, important updates and messages, as well as lunch menus, lesson plans, daily schedules and a timeline of your child’s events that are prepared for the day.
  • Can I drop in/call to check up on my child?
    KinderKiddz happily endorses an open-door policy and encourages parents of children all ages to visit at any time throughout their child’s day. We also have access to viewing monitors in our office which parents are more than welcome to watch their child from.

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